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My Alaska HCG Diet Journey – Nursing Mom’s

13 Sep

For those of you that don’t know already, we just had our 2nd little girl about 2.5 months ago!  Yes, I am already ready to lose the weight!  My body loves to hold onto the weight after and I continue to gain weight even while nursing.  After talking with Dr.Shane, I found it is very normal for women to gain weight after baby.  Bad news……if I don’t get a handle on this I will probably continue to gain weight.  I have decided to do a modified HCG Diet Program while nursing and share the results along the way! Here is what Dr. Shane had to say: “Your body will tell you what is the best for you and how much is sufficient and how much is not.  Just listen and be attentive to what is going on.  The body naturally puts on the fat in order to have the stores necessary for you and the baby after delivery so that makes perfect sense.  Of course, the body also knows how to take it off properly, you just need to give your body what it needs to do that.  Too much food intake will put more on, not enough will put more on.  Both extremes put the body into “storage mode” for exactly the opposite reasons.
While nursing, it is my understanding that the body has a natural amount of hCG flowing in order to create the milk and nutrients for the baby when the mother is between meals and in “fasting” periods such as sleeping.  Thus, going into a higher protein, no carbs or sugars, and being careful with types of veggies, beans and other foods is key to helping your body get the excess fat stores utilized and burned off.  The hCG formula isn’t necessary, to my understanding while nursing.  You can utilize the Slim Support, Slim Trim Tea, and other types of metabolism boosting, cleansing, and supporting supplements during this process.”

So here we go!  Starting weight is 162.8 September 9th.  I will be using the Slim Support and Slim Trim Tea while taking the Doctor’s advice on my diet.