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16 Jan

395365_302148663171385_2088818976_n“Well I promised a testimony and you’ll like this one. I started my VLCD on 9 Dec 2011. I weighed 260 pounds, and my blood pressure (with 3 medications) was 217/127. I stayed exactly to the book taking 6 drops every four hours from first thing in the morning…and felt zero hunger at any time. I did have some challenges on the fourth day… with a headache that almost brought me to my knees, but the next day I took some asprin and it subsided. By the 10th day my BP had dropped to 120/80 so I dropped my Norvasc med. After about another 10 days it was back to normal again, so I cut my Benicar pill in half. My BP stayed at about 140/85 until the last week when it started rising slightly. I believe once I start excercising that will stop and I should be off all meds within a couple of months.

Weight wise, the results were even more dramatic. I didn’t lose even half a pound for the first 4 days, but on the 5th I dropped 4 pounds and have averaged almost a pound a day since. It seemed common to go two, sometimes even three days at the same weight, and then two pounds would drop. Initially those stalls were frustrating, but after I saw the trend I just waited.The tape measure was even more exciting. 5 inches of total loss the first week (waist and hips were most dramatic). That trend continued every week… week 2- 7.5 inches, week three- 11 inches, week four- 15.5, week five- 21.5, and today 25 total inches. I went from a size 46 pair of pants, to a 38… been 15 years since I’ve worn a 38.

This morning I weighed 225 pounds. I was very serious about this diet, and did it exactly the way the book recommended… that’s the only counsel I would give anyone who tries it. Also, I believe if you can get past the 5th day the rest is a cakewalk… boring, but easy. I am starting the low/no carb phase tomorrow morning, and really look forward to what my body will look like in the next 3 weeks. I will report back at that time. Thanks so much Craig… it’s been an exciting month!”

Roy M. (Anchorage, AK)